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Will all mail from the service providers from whom I receive mail from now on be arriving into my eBox?

No, only mail by bill issuers with whom Croatian Post has agreed business cooperation and whose mail you have agreed to receive in your eBox, while mail by bill issuers who do not have agreed cooperation with Croatian Post will continue to arrive to your home mail box. Every day we invite service providers in Croatia to become part of ePost service, since the goal is all mail in one place.

Will I continue to receive mail which I receive in eBox also in physical form in my home mail box?

Mail you receive in your eBox will no longer arrive in physical form to your home mail box, but we have ensured that each document can be printed or locally saved on the computer if you wish so.

If after one year I will not be willing to pay for the archives, but shall need a document will I be able to access it?

All documents received from the document issuer will be stored in the protected central archives of the service and the account owner will be able to request that any document is repeatedly sent to his/her eBox. The service of repeated document sending to a user not paying archives will be charged according to the Price List of ePost service.

Who can contract ePost service?

All full age persons from the Republic of Croatia and foreign citizens with valid ID can register for ePost service.

Can I as foreign citizen pay bills with payment cards of banks from my country?

Yes, foreign citizens can pay bills with Visa, Master Card and Maestro card regardless of the card issuer, according to the ePost Price List.

Are the receipts for paid bills also archived?

Yes, the receipts are linked with the payment order, which makes part of the bill, and a click on the order paid by card will open the receipt.

Can also bills received in home mail box be paid through ePost service?

Bills received in home mail box can be paid by payment cards if their data are manually entered into the order form.

Which is the advantage of using ePost service archives in relation to saving data on one's own computer?

ePost service archive is more reliable from computer archives. Dana can be accessed from any computer with user identification and the documents are structured and easily accessible.

Can I send money to my relatives through ePost service?

No, ePost service can be used only for payment of bills issued by legal persons. No payments to accounts of physical persons are possible.

Will payment by American Express cards be possible?

Yes, one of future steps in improving the ePost service is enabling payment by American Express card.

Will a monthly fee be charged for using ePost service like it is charged for using Internet banking?

Presently is the use of ePost service free for receivers of all kinds of documents and messages, meaning that we do not charge any fees.

Can I at the same time receive bills through eBox and Internet banking?

No, one particular bill can be received through only one channel of electronic distribution. In order to receive in future in your eBox a bill which you currently receive through you must first cancel receiving it through internet banking and thereafter, in a couple of days, register for receiving bills through ePost service.

What is the fee for paying a bill through eBox?

The fee for the payment of bill by cards through eBox is always 2 HRK per bill, regardless of the amount of the bill and kind of card you are using. The fee for the payment of bill which has been forwarded from eBox to Internet banking depends on conditions you agreed with the bank where you have got your Internet banking account.

Solving disputes

Based on the EU Regulation on consumer online Dispute Resolution from 15 February 2016 all disputes arising from online purchase in the entire EU territory can be solved through ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) platform. The platform can be used by both - customers as well as merchants and complaints can be submitted in any of the 23 official languages of the EU. If you encounter a problem during online purchase within EU, you can fill in a complaint form in three easy steps. The form can be found here.